Advanced machine learning for advanced manufacturing.

Enterprise platform that enables


Yield Improvement

Predict sources of fault & error in production lines

to optimize manufacturing flow, maximize product quality, and increase plant revenue


Calibration Optimization

Dynamically optimize production parameters to adapt to changing environments, increasing 

product quality and allowing engineers to focus on higher value-added tasks


Predictive Maintenance

Reduce unexpected equipment failures and proactively plan maintenance around production schedules, increasing equipment life and utilization


We have worked with data from industry leaders


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Abhi Rampal, PhD

Founder & CEO

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Robin Gainer


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Steffen Cruz, PhD

Machine Learning Lead

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Ike Okonkwo

Principal Data Scientist

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"SolidState AI's technology elegantly makes use of the power of both quantum computing and machine learning to solve complex problems faced by the fabrication industry. Having worked closely with the team, I believe that the technology has the potential to be applied to many other industries."


Yanbo Xue - D-Wave Systems Inc.



185 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON, Canada M5T 2C6
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